Varices et Chirurgie par le Docteur Gorny

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Un chirurgien avec une longue expérience des maladies veineuses Consultations et soins phlébologiques Bilan et décision opératoire Une clinique dotée d'équipements de pointe Intervention Visite post-opératoire et résultats

A surgeon with a long experience of venous diseases

Consultation and vein medical treatment centre

Assessment and decision to undergo surgery

A surgical centre with the best facilities and equipment

Operating Room
Surgical procedure

Postoperative visit and Results

This site is intended for patients who have to get varicose vein operations done soon, to those searching for practical information and those who are to be looked after by Dr. Philippe Gorny’s team.

Films on our surgical techniques (which are all minimally invasive) can be seen in the intervention section. Click on the underlined words for photos illustrating the text. To enlarge an image, click on it twice.

Net surfers in search of information on varicose veins, on the evolution of varicose vein disease, its risks, the various medical or surgical treatments and the traps to be avoided, will find answers to their questions, in French only, at varices-info (Click on the link)